Mailing List Managers

Process Mailing Lists with the Atomic Email Verifier and Mailing List Manager

Atomic Email Verifier

verify email address Our innovative and reliable tools like the Atomic Email Verifier and List Manager make building and managing a qualified mailing list free of unwanted and invalid email addresses a breeze. The Atomic Email Verifier goes far beyond what normal verifiers do by utilizing three unique levels of verification to -ensure the quality of the lists Atomic builds for you. More info

Subscription Manager

subscription management software Our powerful Subscription Manager allows you to monitor your inbox and read subject lines to make automatically signing up or removing yourself from the list a one-step process for your potential customers. Our flexible, and powerful manager works independently of your email client and allows you to define schedules to optimize your efforts. More info

Atomic Bulk Email List Manager

email list management software Of course, once you have your email list, you’ll need to store it in a way that makes referring to it and modifying it easy. That’s what the Bulk Email List Manager is for. It’s flexible to be compatible with different mass emailing programs. Our Bulk email list manager will help you to manage multiple mailing list easily. More info