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This powerful bulk email campaign tool can remove and add subscribers to your list automatically. It will take care of notifying them and even allow them to automatically remove themselves from the list to save you tons of time updating and maintaining your list. This works via the subject line of emails, and the SM monitors your inbox and will kick into action whenever the defined subject lines are received without you having to do anything manually.

There is no limit to the number of projects, mailing lists, and individual addresses that the SM can handle. Additionally, there is no limit to the rules you can set for managing subscriptions and the SM works independently of your email client, so you are free to use whichever you prefer.

To get started, all you need to do is create a project in Atomic Subscription Manager. Select the mailing list you want to use, enter the rules you want to apply for subscribing and unsubscribing and you’re done! You only have to set it up a single time and it will automatically handle all subscriptions in the intervals you define.

If you need to setup rules for subject lines other than “subscribe” and “unsubscribe,” simply use the Atomic Email Autoresponder. It can be setup to respond to subject lines like “confirm,” “help,” or other things you can define.

The Atomic Subscription Manager at Work

Simply put, the SM will check your inbox constantly to look for any emails with the subject line “subscribe,” or “unsubscribe” at which point it will spring into action according to the rules you define in the one-time initial setup. Upon receipt, the SM will contact the address with a confirmation email verifying they do indeed want to “subscribe” or “unsubscribe.” Upon confirmation, the SM then adds or removes the corresponding email address from your list. The SM will contact the address one final time to confirm they have been added or removed.

When signing up new subscribers, it’s important to remind them they need to monitor and potentially adjust their spam filter settings so they don’t miss your emails. These can hide a confirmation message and therefore result in a failed attempt to subscribe.


Transform your laptop or home pc into a powerful marketing tool with Atomic Subscription Manager and the full line of Atomic Bulk Mailing Tools. With Atomic, there is no need to “rent” or “license” software with renewed fees each month or each time you wish to use it. Instead, you can own the software and use it whenever and however you need to without incurring additional costs. This flexibility is key when launching successful bulk email campaigns with high ROIs. Additionally, by owning the software and not renting a service, you’ll have full access to everyone’s information on your mailing list allowing you to greater personalize your campaigns.