Bulk Email Marketing Software

Mass Email Software: Extract email addresses and send bulk mail.

Are you looking for tool for bulk email with no recurring payments and free support you can always call or chat online? Do you want to find new prospects? Our email marketing software will help you find email addresses, manage mailing lists, send newsletters, track opens and clickthrough rates and much more.

AtomPark has been successfully developing software since 2001

Our top Mass Email Tools

software for mass email marketing
  • Bulk Email Sender Software
  • Comes with internal SMTP server and supports proxy
  • Unlimited SMTP support and spin text.
  • Supports opt out options
atomic email hunter
  • Extracts email from websites (contact pages, forums, business directories)
  • Multiple keyword search to get niche email
  • Does extracting in no time!
validate bulk email addresses with email verifier tool
  • Verifies email
  • Deletes dead and abandoned email
  • Supports Facebook email check
  • Supports proxy

bulk Email marketing tools, 9-in-1 software suite Atomic Email Studio is your 9 Mass Email Tools in one bundle.

Atomic Studio includes 9 mass mailing tools which open the whole world of email marketing. This program got all you can possibly need to start building bulk mailing list with 4 different email extractors; sending messages with Atomic Mailer which is no doubt #1 bulk mail software in the world. You can easily enable tracking or opt-out option. It comes with verifier software which helps to delete not valid addresses.

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Extract email Build your own targeted mailing list with Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter is one of the best email extractors available in 2014. The first copy of Atomic Hunter was realeased back in 2001. That indicates a fact that there is a very strong demand for this useful email marketing tool. This is a must have software when you start your first bulk email marketing campaign.

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Send bulk email Send Mass email with Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is the perfect tool for sending HTML campaigns to your prospective clients subscribers or customers. It accepts both opt-in and extracted (bulk) email addresses. Atomic Sender includes an opt-out option and bounce cleaner; supports unlimited SMTP servers like Gmail, Yahoo, VPS SMTP or your own server to send mass email. It had unparalled smtp support when it comes to smtp rotation, domain throttle etc. This is an Expert Software for bulk email marketing and it works perfect with Atomic Email Hunter

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Phone number extractor,extract any data Extract phone numbers, email... ANY DATA!

Atomic Lead Extractor is an ultimate software since you can tell it what to extract and where! Give it a URL and mark data that needs to be extracted. Atomic Lead Extractor will go browsing pages you specify pulling out data that you need. Now save to Excel. Email Marketing and email list building has never been simplier!.

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Email Verifier Validate Email with Atomic Mail Verifier

Atomic Mail Verifier is a very useful for those who want to have clean email list without dead emails. With Atomic Mail Verifier Software you will be able to remove all invalid and get rid of bounces automatically.

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manage opt outs Automatically Handle Subscription Requests with Atomic Subscription Manager

Atomic Subscription Manager will handle requests to subscribe or unsubscribe made through web-form or by email. We provide web forms and free support. It can also clean bounces or whatever you tell it to clean. This is a clean master which makes it a must have mass email service.

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manage email lists Edit email lists with Atomic List Manager

Atomic List Manager is a mailing list manager that can help you analyze and edit your mailings lists in bulk or individually. This bulk email software supports multiple lists. It saves time and efforts which you can spend on mass mailing with less bounces. It can sort email lists; split them; merge lists or clean based on a certain criteria.

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Questions you may want to ask

Q: What do our products do?

A: Our must-have email marketing tools include a wide range of software we’ve developed. These products include software like an effective email verifier, high-speed extractors, bulk email tools and trackers, and a fully featured list management utility. With these tools, you can better develop, deploy, and monitor mass email marketing campaigns than ever before.

Q: What does mass emailing software actually do?

A: Basically, our innovative software package is designed to automatically send out large quantities of emails to make contacting your mailing list, fans, or clients far easier and less time consuming than traditional email tools allow for. With a fully featured suite of tools like advanced search options, list management, monitoring tools, newsletter functionality, and user management options, mass emailing software like ours saves companies time and money when it comes to marketing and emailing.

Q: What benefits do your products provide?

A: There is no quicker or more effective way to get the word out to your client and fan base about news, bonuses, discounts, and other key information than bulk emailing. Not only this, with our tech-savvy and easy to use tools, you’ll be better able to make your email campaign stand out from the rest. This will help you build customer loyalty, boost your profits, and help ensure your business’s continued success.