Looking for new leads to build your online business’s traffic and sales? Look no further than Atomic Lead Extractor. Our powerful tool automatically extracts crucial contact information quickly from websites to give you the correct phone number, skype, email, or ICQ address.

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Atomic Lead Extractor Product Details

The Atomic Lead Extractor is designed to help proactive internet marketing specialist find leads and build contact lists quickly and easy. Its intuitive design allows you to search for leads in two ways:

  • Search for leads by keyword
  • Or, simply enter the URLs of any websites you want searched for leads

Search By Keyword

The keyword search function of the Atomic Lead Extractor utilizes the search engine of your choice to locate pages and extract any and all contact information they contain. You can export your search results quickly and easily to Microsoft Office, a freeware program like OpenOffice, or even a text file. Additionally, the program saves the URL with the contact information to make locating and reference a simple task.

Search URL

To use this function, simply enter the URL of any site you want the Lead Extractor to search. It doesn’t matter if the site is unsecured or requires authentication, or if it’s in Javascript – Atomic Lead Extractor will get the job done quickly without the hassle normally associated with lesser extractors.

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