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Atomic Email Studio - Email marketing expert tool

Atomic Email Studio 10.00

Email marketing suite of 9 modules (modules can be downloaded as standalone tools, they all are listed below). It includes 4 email extractors, email verifer, mass email sender, email tracking and managing tool. The best package.

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atomic e-mail hunter

Atomic Email Hunter 10.20

Extracts email addresses from websites, Facebook, Craigslist, blogs, classifieds, forums. It can do keyword search, using your local search engine finding the best websites for extracting emails and then exporting to .txt, csv or Excel file.

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newsgroups email extractor

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer 5.01

Collects e-mail addresses from newsgroups where you can find lots of targeted emails. Newsgroups are categorized by niche. Watch demo to learn how to use it.

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outlook email extractor

Atomic Email Logger 8.35

This email extractor is good at getting emails from files, Outlook, pst, csv, txt, xls files etc.

whois e-mail extractor

Atomic Whois Explorer 8.07

It will give you a list of emails and phone numbers of domain owners.

email harvester for browser cache files

Atomic Web Spider 4.00 (browser plug-in)

Extracts contact information from visited web site.


Bulk email sender

bulk emailer

Atomic Mail Sender 9.00

The best bulk mailer in industry with multiple smtp, opt-out option, personalizing, proxy and text spinning support.

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Mailing list managers

verify email address

Atomic Mail Verifier 8.12

Unlimited syntax, domain and smtp email validation.

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Atomic Email Autoresponder info

Atomic Email Autoresponder 4.00

Software for sending automated replies to incoming emails.

newsletter subscription management software

Atomic Subscription Manager 8.07

Handles subscribe and unsubscribe requests.

email list management software

Atomic List Manager 5.05

Helps to delete dupes, marge, split lists plus dozen more operations.


Bundle that includes each product listed above
(except Autoresponder).

Atomic Email Studio - Email marketing shell

Atomic Email Studio 10.00

Email marketing suite of 9 modules. The best package.