Blast Leads with Atomic Bulk Email Software

Every business needs to collect, send, and manage thousands of emails to land critical sales. If you are just starting or unhappy with the current provider, is the obvious answer.
Our email marketing software are trusted by thousands of happy customers to send each email on-time, every time. Businesses, marketers, and any other agency can choose from any of the dozen products to accomplish an array of marketing tasks easily, quickly, and cost effectively.

Time Tested, Award Proven offer Atomic Mass Mailing products that have been around for more than a decade, and we have consistently provided only the highest quality email solutions. Our products have even been given awards to showcase the unparalleled excellence. Few other options have received the staggering number of recommendations and high ratings that have been given to our amazing software. Additionally, we are trusted enough to remain a Microsoft Certified Partner and member of the Independent Software Developers Forum.

Our programmers are professional and experienced, and that reflects within our bulk email software solutions. The programs have gone through intensive debugging and testing to ensure only the best reaches our customers. If you do uncover any issues, our quick, free support is available for contact 24/7 to help with any questions, comments, or concerns through live chat, telephone, and e-mail.

Superior Products

We offer numerous well-designed products to effectively satisfy the most demanding customer. You can choose from the email extractors, bulk mailers, list managers, and more based on the clearly outlined functions of each one on the product pages. Our unique breakdown of multiple programs, each with a dedicated purpose, allows the customer to create custom tailored packages to significantly reduce costs by paying for only what they need.

Essential Extractors

Easily extract thousands of targeted contacts with tools, such as the email hunter, WHOIS explorer, and web spider. The Internet can quickly be scraped to supply the desired information, not just email addresses, based on keywords or URLs and exported to word, excel, or another supported file type. The software can run on any modern computer consistently without lag for a massive list at the end of the day.

Massive Mailings

Without any method of distribution, these addresses would be useless. However, we also sell incredibly customizable programs to quickly send out customer updates, new products, sales and discounts, and any other desired communication. Import lists, automatically remove bad emails, provide opt-out options, personalize messages, avoid blacklisting, and manage outgoing STMP servers with ease.

Vital Validation

Ensure that the deliveries are being sent to the right inboxes with the mailing list managers. Automatically check huge lists for duplicate, incorrect, and suspicious entries to significantly reduce bounce rate, and split, combine, and sort multiple lists for easier management. Reduce any chance at being added to the dreaded blacklists to seamlessly market products and services.

Targeted Tracking

Measure the success of every emailing campaign by analyzing detailed statistics of every message. The Atomic Email Tracker offers the ability to check the number of readers, most clicked links, click through rate, time and location tracking, and so much more that is critical for adjusting and better optimizing for the future.

Each of these products is proven again and again to beat out the competition by supplying unparalleled options that suit almost any budget. Businesses ranging from startups to corporations that message hundreds of thousands of contacts have heavily utilized our programs without any problems.

Simple Pricing Plans

Our pricing is research and consumer proven to be cost effective, especially compared to other similar services. While many companies attempt to scam customers with monthly or annual charges, we ask for only one small payment for unlimited, unrestricted use.

Never pay without full satisfaction by testing with the free trial downloads and video demos to showcase the complete functionality. Afterwards, you can choose one or many products to start compiling and utilizing massive databases of highly targeted contact information.

You should never pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to simply send mail. With Atomic bulk email software, you can choose from an array of options to drastically cut prices but gain functionality and customizability. You only have to buy the products that match your needs to help lower costs even further, or you can opt for the all-encompassing studio edition for the complete package. Become an Internet marketing expert instantly by scraping, validating, and messaging emails and other contact details easily with our premium products.

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