Atomic Maillist manager. Click here to view more screenshotsFlexible, Innovative, and Powerful, Atomic List Manager is your go-to choice for mass mailing solutions.

To successfully market via mass email lists, these lists must be maintained for accuracy and quality. Without an accurate, qualified mailing list, any bulk email campaign is doomed before it begins. Depending on the size of your mailing list, a simple spreadsheet may be adequate. However, as a list grows in size, more powerful solutions are needed. That’s where the Atomic List Manager comes in.

It has a variety of tools custom designed to make managing a mass email list easier and far less time consuming. The bigger your list, the more time it saves you. In-house tests have conclusively shown Atomic can increase the ROI of your bulk email campaigns by 25%.

How Atomic List Manager Works

The Atomic List Manager comes fully equipped with an array of tools and features that will allow you to quickly and easily optimize and maintain your mailing lists. These features include filters to eliminate invalid, duplicate and/or free email address (like Gmail or Yahoo!). It also includes more definable filter features such as personalization options like the ability to locate a name in an email address and use that name in the text of the mailing itself. Additionally, Atomic List Manager is able to remove any suspicious looking addresses from the list. Examples are ones that begin like “Remove@,” “Subscribe@,” “Cancel@,” etc.

Atomic can also repair email addresses to correct common typos and misspellings made when entering email addresses. And, its unique algorithm not only attempts to fix such broken addresses, but will automatically check the repaired address as well to see if it’s valid or not.

The complete list of Atomic List Manager tools

You can use any of the following ALM tools if you have only one or several emailing lists with a huge amount of data to be managed:

  • Sort email addresses
  • Split mailing lists
  • Kill duplicate emails
  • Check incorrect emails
  • Generate new lists
  • Repair emails
  • Kill suspicious email
  • Check 1st domain
  • Marge multiple lists easily
  • Intersection - software will cross check several lists to find duplicates
  • Filter emails by setting up your custom pattern
  • Filter by fields

As a result of List Manager's work, a mass e-mail marketer gets better, personalized lists of valid e-mails that do not contain unwanted addresses. Open, click-though, and ROI ratios increase significantly.


When coupled with Atomic’s Email Verifier, the manager can help locate and remove an even greater number of invalid email addresses from your bulk email list. If you are more interested in Atomic as a service as opposed to purchasing the software out and out, please take a moment to check out List Manager Online’s full list of services.