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Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one email marketing solution.

Atomic Email Marketing Studio


• What does Studio include?

• How to use Email Studio? 

• How to get full version?


Atomic Email Studio is an integrated package including the best programs for e-mail marketing. The package contains software for sending newsletters, managing mailing lists and extracting e-mail addresses from your existing customer’s database of any format.


Atomic Email Studio is a cost-effective solution for successful e-mail marketers because:

  • All software is accessible with a single-click;
  • You manage your lists through fully integrated projects and they are easily accessible for any operation.  This will provide you with Integration with on-line services;
  • The price of the package is 60% less expensive than buying standalone programs;
  • Atomic Email Studio is actually a shell for managing projects and launches the required program to perform specific operations. So, to find a manual for a specific module, you should run this module and press F1.

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Atomic Email Marketing Studio includes everything you can possibly need when you do your email marketing campaign. All modules included are marked with bold font below.


Email Extractor (Atomic Hunter) module which to extract emails from websites or Newsgroup Explorer which is good for getting emails from Usenet groups.

Whois Explorer is an Extractor
that would provide you with domain owner’s contact data, including their email address and phone number.

Web Spider is an Extractor
that collects contacts from visited websites as an add-on for your web browser to pull out emails from websites you visit.

Email Logger
is another module for extracting emails from local files on your PC. It can also extract from Outlook if you purchase Mailbox Hunter plugin or .pst files
with another extra plugin called Pst Plugin.

Email List Manager
helps you to manage multiple lists, merging them together, sorting emails, deleting duplicates and has numerous functions.

Mail Verifier
 will find and delete invalid email addresses.

Email Studio will use included Email Sender
to begin sending your message out.

As soon you have your email list ready, you can launch Email Sender from your Email Studio to begin sending your message out.

Subscription Manager
 will manage any bounce or removal requests.

Technical support is always available at

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What does Email Studio include?

In Atomic Email Studio you may create and send newsletters, collect new contacts from different sources and manage lists of subscribers.


Atomic Email Studio is a starting point for using our e-mail marketing software and services. It has 3 tabs:

1. Projects - Here you can manage your projects. Atomic Email Studio shows all projects from your selected data storage. You can create or open a project and work with it.


2. News - The  latest news about e-mail marketing and AtomPark Software are always shown here. Showing of news can be switched on/off in the Program Settings. Also, you may add your own news channels (RSS feeds).


3. Help - Here you may get support for Atomic Email Studio and our web services.


Working with Email Studio

In order to start working with Email Studio you should select (double click) the project you need from the Projects box of main window (Projects tab) or create New Project using New icon or pressing combination CTRL+N.

Once you make the project active (by double clicking it) you will see some of the Module Icons on top get highlighted - that means those Modules are active and can be accessed from this project by single click on the Module Icon. In other words, you can start Mail Sender module by clicking the Send Icon from task bar (if this icon is highlighted). Also after you double click the project you can see a 5 step execution tree.

The next step cannot be accessed (Task Bar Icons will not be highlighted) until the previous one is executed.  First of all you have to create mailing list. For that please click Step 1.


Step 1. Import email addresses and select the method you wish to fulfill this task from the list.


Then you can work with this list in List manager.

Step 2. Edit mailing list - After that you can verify collected emails.
Step 3. Verify email addresses - And finally you are ready to send emails using step 4.
Step 4. Create and send your newsletter.



About Atomic Email Studio licensing

Historically, we had many different programs for e-mail marketing. Each program was licensed separately and it was not easy to install and activate numerous  programs. Now we have Atomic Email Studio, a suite of software for opt-in e-mail marketing. It contains several modules, but install and activates them all as easy as one.

To make it really cost-effective for you, we offer two options of Studio licensing. They are:

License for Atomic Email Studio
It's the most cost-effective type of Studio license if you seriously start e-mail marketing in your Bbusiness. This option includes licenses for all modules of Studio and several useful plug-ins (click here to see details). In addition, your discount is over 50% when you license the complete Studio.

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Licensing some modules only

In this option you may activate only wanted modules. For example, you need only to send newsletters and do not need to manage the lists of collected data. Or you need only to operate the mailing lists and nothing else. So, this option should be the most cost-effective for you.
Click here to license the required modules of Studio.

For any more question about licensing, please contact our Technical Support Team at (phone, email and chat support).

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